Indienz AB is a biotech company with long experience in the field. Primary focus is on industrial biotechnology and the biorefinery concept. 

The Anneberg production facilities outside Landskrona provide the possibility for large scale fermentation in full-grade biotechnological vessels; from shake flask level up to 20 m3 productions.

Recent projects preformed during 2019 by Indienz AB together with customers in southern of Sweden involve the production of biohydrogen in 500L scale and recombinant protein at kg level.

Major challenges within the field of industrial biotechnology can be pinpointed; Biotech-based companies aim to shorten their lab- to market-time, streamline their processes, minimize costs, improve profitability, stay competitive and surpass regulatory and quality demands. These are formidable tasks, but the challenges can be addressed effectively. This is where Indienz AB can be part of the solution.