Due to widely acquired knowledge from academia and first hand experience in industry, we can offer excellent advise in the field of industrial biotechnology, environmental technology and biogas production including biogas upgrading among other things. Please contact us for more information.

Consultancy: As a service, Indienz AB offers consultancy. In fact, the introduction of a new bioprocess often represent bottlenecks, both to established companies as well as start-ups. In order to speed-up the development it can be a strategical step to involve a partner with long term experience in the field in order to integrate new knowledge and technology.

Indienz has long experience within biotechnology. The company can offer traditional consultancy as well as help to set up lab- or pilot scale processes in order to create a competence platform from where the customer can expand autonomously. Evaluation of technologies that are offered to established companies is still an important area for Indienz.

Collaboration platform: Indienz AB is a place for collaboration for both academia and industries. We greatly welcome research collaboration in areas of industrial and environmental biotechnology. Moreover, we will be happy to train your staff in fermentation, microbial handling, environmental biotechnology, enzyme technology and downstream processing.

Product development: It is possible to increase your business agility by streamlining your product development process. It can be done in a way it suits you, yet in accordance with the project goal, your capacity and market requirement. Indienz AB can support you in your journey towards product development efficiently and at a low cost.