Organisms which are adapted to thrive in extreme environments evolved a variety of adaptative strategies. One of these fascinating adaptations is the production of small organic molecules known as extremolytes. These remarkable substances are known to alleviate the effect of the harsh environment that the organisms are adapted to. This ability has attracted a great deal of study which aim to the biotechnological utilization of extremolytes. These studies have proven the exceptional health-promoting and therapeutic properties of extremolytes. Today, extremolytes such as ectoine have become very vital components in biopharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industrial formulations. We believe that the interest for extremolytes will substantially expand in the years to come and would like to be a major producer of extremolytes. Indienz AB has through academic studies acquired the knowledge and the skill of handling extremophiles, organisms that produce extremolytes. Over the years, the company has been engaged in screening and developing processes for production and downstream processing of different extremolytes. Indienz has a range of microorganisms producing known and novel extremolytes.