Indienz has broad experience in many of the different aspects of biotechnological production and can therefore offer services either as whole project development, or assist in special steps in a process being developed. Indienz is also operating by consultancy activities. 

Competencies -Biorefinery:

  • Production of cell mass
  • Production of primary metabolites
  • Cloning and Expression
  • Isolation and Purification
  • Immobilization of proteins to different solid supports
  • Entrapment of cells
  • Development of bioassays based on enzymes, oligo nucleotides as well as on antibodies

Besides the traditional production of biochemicals and their applications, Indienz also has one branch within environmental biotechnology. A pilot plant research unit for environmental biotechnology holds a range of reactors in sizes from laboratory scale up 85 m3.

Within environmental biotechnology, the following types of processes can be offered:

  • Production of biogas from biomass on small scale/research level
  • Estimation of biogas potential
  • Biological treatment of wastewater
  • Removal of heavy metal ions and organic pollutants from waste streams

By combining the biotechnological process technology with environmental biotechnology it is possible to develop fully integrated biorefinery projects where the products are harvested and the waste is converted into e.g. biogas or other energy carriers