About us

Indienz AB is a biotechnology company founded by researchers with long experience in basic and applied research. It is a spin-off company from the Department of Biotechnology, Lund University. Indienz AB has a primary focus on industrial biotechnology. The company has a range of cultivation and downstream processing equipment at its 700m2 facility located at Annebergs farm in Billeberga, 25 km from Lund.

Bo Mattiasson
Chief Executive Officer / CEO

Bo Mattiasson is Professor Emeritus in biotechnology at Lund University with long experience from collaborating with industry in order to implement biotechnological concepts in real life. Bo has a broad contact network all over the world and has also over 900 scientific reports and patent published.

Gashaw Mamo
Molecular biology/Fermentation

Gashaw Mamo has a PhD in Biotechnology with many years of experience in the field. His expertise are all through cloning and expression to fermentation of yeast and bacteria. Gashaw also has vast experience in enzyme technology and protein engineering.

Martin Hedström

Martin Hedström is an Associate Professor in biotechnology at Lund University with focus areas bioanalysis and process design.