Fermentation and Biocatalysis Services

Provides the best bioproduction services

Our Services


We offer high quality fermentation (microbial cultivation) services at competitive price. Our capacity is in the range of few milliliters (shake flasks) to 10 000 liters.



If you want to develop a new process or up-scale an existing process, you are in the right place. The team at Indienz are highly experienced zymers who can develop outstanding biocatalytic processes for you.


It is our pleasure to share our knowledge and skill on fermentation, biocatalysis, enzymology and microbiology. We can help you to move to your next level.

Our Products

We have been studying different biosurfactants form a variety of microorganisms. At this moment, indienz is characterizing a range of biosurfactants and up-scaling the production of sophorolipid, which is one of the most interesting biosurfactants.

Why us?

We have been involved in fermentation and biocatalysis research for many years. This brought us rich experience which we use to help others who need fermentation and biocatalysis services. We know that biotech companies aim to shorten their lab to market time, streamline their processes, minimize costs, improve profitability, stay competitive and fulfil regulatory and quality demands. These are formidable tasks which can be addressed effectively, and this is where Indienz AB can be part of the solution. But why us?


If our services interests you and want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We’re here to answer any questions.