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We Have One Goal

To Provide The Highest Quality Biosurfactants

Biosurfactants are amphiphilic compounds produced by different organisms, predominantly by microorganisms. These surfactants exhibit remarkable properties  such as high biodegradability, low toxicity, high efficiency, and sustainability. Thus, they are considered as ‘green’ surfactants with positive impact on environment. These make biosurfactants suitable for several industrial and domestic applications.

        Indienz is characterizing and developing processes for  production of a variety of biosurfactants from different microorganisms. Sophorolipids are one of the biosurfactant groups that indienz is interested to produce. These green surfactants consist of a hydrophilic moiety sophorose (a glucose disaccharide) and a fatty acid hydrophobic component.  Sophorolipids are desirable in a broad range of application such as in cleaning, cosmetics, agriculture, and industries. Indienz is scaling-up its sophorolipid production process and plan to enter to market at competitive price. 

Our Discovery

The team at Indienz have been involved for many years in research on extremophilic microbes, organisms that are adapted to thrive in extreme environments. Some of these organisms produce remarkable surfactants with unique properties which we believe can be developed to commercial scale. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to supply the market with a range of wonderful environment friendly  biosurfactants at competitive price and contribute our share to the global effort on protecting our environment. We believe that the substitution of synthetic surfactants with green(bio) surfactants result in positive environmental, social, economic and health impact.