Biocatalysis services

Biocatalysis and Biotransformation

The team at Indienz have extensive experience on enzyme mediated catalysis. If you need biocatalysis and biotransformation services, they happily work with you to achieve your goals. We have been working at the company on processes that use free enzymes, immobilized enzymes or whole-cells. The company has reactors that handles up to 2000 liters of enzymatic reaction mixture. 


Contract manufacturing

If you want to produce substance through outsourcing, indienz is definitely an attractive alternative. We run biocatalysis/biotransformation reactions  from few milliliters to 2 000 liters.  Depending your need, we can set batch, semi-continuous or continuous processes.  Moreover,  we handle free enzymes, immobilized enzymes, resting cells or non-viable cells. 

Reaction optimization

Several factors influence enzymatic reactions. An efficient bioconversion processes needs optimization of these parameters. Reaction temperature, pH, substrate:enzyme ratio,  mixing, co-factor regeneration,  substrate concentration, etc. are some of the factors that needs proper optimization. At Indienz, we rigorously optimize enzymatic reaction processes so that the process become efficient, high yield, cheap and fast.

Biocatalysis scale up

Process scale-up

Process scale-up is a necessary step to commercializing product.  If you have developed a process that reached scale-up, not only we congratulate you but also our team is ready to help.  We can scale-up for you upto 2000 liters.